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How Radio News Uses Sources to Cover Local Government News and Factors Affecting Source Use

Autor: Stephen Lacy, Steven S. Wildman, Frederick Fico, Daniel Bergan, Thomas Baldwin & Paul Zube
Revista: Journalism & Mass Communication Nº 90 (3)
Link: http://jmq.sagepub.com/content/90/3/457.full.pdf+html

This study of source use in news coverage of local governments by 198 radio stations indicates that radio news stories had fewer and less diverse sources than daily newspaper stories. The differences in source use between radio and weekly newspaper stories were not as great.

Predictor variables related to source use indicated that local government stories from publicly supported and TV–radio cross-owned radio stations included more sources and more diverse sources than found in stories from other types of stations. Radio news competition was slightly and positively correlated with greater numbers of sources and source diversity.