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Saving Radio—The Cultural Value of Preserving Sound

Autor: Phylis Johnson
Revista: Journal of radio and audio media
Link: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19376529.2016.1223945

In this issue, the overall arching theme is dedicated to preserving radio (and audio) culture. In the immediacy of life, it is easy to forget that American broadcasting and audio technologies have shaped society and impacted the world, in good and not so good ways. That is the goal of this journal, in essence to provide reflection and critical discussion on such issues and themes. Aside from the 15-article symposium, organized by Drs. Amanda Keeler, Josh Shepperd, and Christopher Sterling, we include two articles that were independently submitted to JRAM, which were located apart from,but appropriately within, the theme. One of which was a contribution by Dr. Mary Myers, who discusses the “The Hoosier Schoolmaster of the Air”—Dr. Clarence M. Morgan. The other is “Networking the Counterculture: The 1970 Alternative Media Conference at Goddard College” by Drs. Liz W. Faber and John L. Hochheimer, a rare historical piece that provides a unique account of alternative radio. Finally, the journal closes with two book reviews, one with a first look at listeners’ letters following Orson Welles’s broadcast of The War of the Worlds. The second review is the autobiography of Randy Hames as a long-running co-host of “Houston’s Morning Show: The True Hudson & Harrigan.”