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Two hosts and a caller: Analysing call sequences in a dual-host radio talkback setting

Autor: Kate Ames
Revista: Discourse studies Nº 15 (3)
Link: http://dis.sagepub.com/content/15/3/263.full.pdf+html

Investigation into the impact of the stages of a radio call on host–caller interaction has traditionally been conducted in single host scenarios, whereby one host interacts with one caller. Further, this analysis has often been done in the context of talk radio that is designed to promote a sense of conflict in order to entertain its audience. However, what of dual or multi-host scenarios, where a number of hosts are co-participants when interacting with callers?

This article considers a talkback segment within a chat-based program in which two studio-based hosts are involved in conversation with callers. It considers previous research into call sequence as applied to this scenario and reveals that rather than working to challenge the caller, the hosts work together to enable the callers to challenge the hosts but in a way that orients to sociability rather than conflict.